About Us

The Monash University Choral Society (MonUCS) was founded in 1962 , which makes us one of the oldest student-run clubs at Monash University! MonUCS performs two concerts each year, featuring a diverse range of music. We’ve done pieces by Vivaldi and Dvorak, and also more modern works like those of Eric Whitacre or even Christopher Tin’s “Baba Yetu”.

A MonUCS concert in progress! We see the conductor towards the left of the image, facing towards and conducting a group of choristers. They all stand wearing formal black clothing and holding sheet music, while some string players sit in front of them playing their instruments. The setting appears to be a cathedral - we see a round space in grey-brown stone with many archways.

Over its 60 year history, MonUCS has thrived amongst the musical community of Melbourne. In addition to our own performances, we’ve performed with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Monash Music Department and with the touring Hong Kong Baptist University choir.

While we have many student members, MonUCS is open to everyone and remains proudly unauditioned. Whatever your level of musical background, you’re very welcome in our community. Hopefully we can make you feel welcome through our many social events, like the annual dinner, movie nights, karaoke evenings and the semesterly rehearsal camp!