Tim Golding Memorial Award

The Tim Golding Memorial Award For Outstanding Contribution To Friendship Within The IV Movement

Tim Golding was a MonMUC (MonUCS + MUCS) in the mid eighties – a very caring, generous and fun spirited member of both choirs and well known for his wonderful warm hugs and excellent massages. He studied optometry at Melbourne, and loved his choral experience so much that he not only attended all Intervarsity Festivals but also all the mini and micro-fests in other states, as well as being part of the Melbourne IV committee in the early eighties.

Tim moved to Brisbane in 1993 to take up a Optometry Fellowship and immediately jumped into the Social Secretary role for the Brisbane Intervarsity later that year, continuing his love of AICSA choirs and the IV movement.

Tim sadly died in March of 1995 and his family gave each of the three choirs a donation to commemorate his memory. The MonUCS committee chose two ways to use this: a plaque on a new conductor’s stand (now sadly broken) and this award to recognise people who promoted interstate relations, friendship and represented MonUCS in a similar positive light.


2017Eloise Leemann (nee Wilmann)
2016Miguel Arrieta
2015Alex Lewis
2014Bron Gondwana
2013Fiona Schoer
2012Varia Simonov
2011Ella Webb
David Vu
2010Ollie Lamb
2009JJ Edmondson
2008Daniel Berk
2007Heather Excell
2006Rick Williams
2005Sarah (Evil) Burton
2003Amanda Dunning
2002Stuart Prescott
2001Paul Mathison
2000Toby Seidel
1999Toby Seidel
1998Elizabeth Sutherland
1997Luke Murtagh
1996JJ Edmondson
Andrew Scott
1995Andrew F Wailes