Jacqui Harrison President’s Award

The Jacqui Harrison President’s Award For Outstanding Contribution To MonUCS

This award, named after a two time president of MonUCS (Jaqui Harrison in the late ’80s) was in recognition of all the work she did for the choir outside of her committee period (including the massive task of Convenor of MIV in 1991). This award does not have to be presented annually, however the original intention of the award was to allow the President and committee to give recognition to someone who has done a lot for MonUCS, despite not being in an elected position.


2016 Lester Cheung
2015 Nick Power
2014 Rohan Wilksch
2013 Gaby Crowley (nee Kolb)
2012 Simon Singer
2010 Paul Deakin
2009 Jeffrey Leong
2008 Rick Williams
2006 David Woodgate
2007 Sarah (Evil) Burton
2005 Jeffrey Leong
Danielle Sleep
2002 JJ Edmondson
Toby Seidel
2001 Regina Kennedy
Tim Ness
2000 Dru Marsh
1999 Alistair Evans
1998 Brian Polli
1997 Ximena Iglesias
1996 Gudrun Arnold
1995 Michael Cooper
Julia Blackam