What’s On

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An image of a rehearsal in flow! We see the pews within the Main Chapel of the Religious Centre where we rehearse, at a diagonal angle across the bottom third of the image. They're a light brown colour, and many choristers sit on them while holding their sheet music books and looking in a variety of directions. The back walls are a similar light brown, and panelled in thin vertical slits. We also see a number of dark stain-glass  thin rectangular windows, set in larger white rectangular panels amidst the brown walls. In the bottom-right corner we see a smidgeon of the piano, and in the top-left a little bit of a balcony that is in the room.

MonUCS is back in business in 2023! We were recently thrilled to start off the new year with wonderful Returners’ and Fresher Rehearsals! Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Our OGM, 6-7 pm 14/03 at the Religious Centre – come make your voice heard in a different way to usual!
  • Rehearsal Camp, 17-19/03 – an intensive few days of rehearsals and a lot of fun! Get your tickets here!
  • And our regular Tuesday night rehearsals across semester, 6:00-8:30 pm at the Religious Centre

We’d love to see you at any and all of the above events!