Welcome to 2010

Rehearsals have started for upcoming concert on the 22nd May 2010. The theme is “Behold the Sea” and we shall be performing these pieces:

Ralph Vaughan Williams’s “A Sea Symphony” (which is turning 100 years old this year)
Denis Vaughan’s “Australian Folk-Song Suite”
and the Choral Suite from Disney’s A Little Mermaid

If you would like to sing with us, feel free to hop on by the Religious Centre at the Monash University, Clayton Campus at 6:45pm.

This concert will be on the 22nd May 2010 at 8pm at St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Brighton (Cnr New St and Church St).

Hope to see you there.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to 2010

  1. Is there info posted somewhere(!) on AGM, camp dates & venues, etc?

    Just trying to get informed online to see what I can commit to.


  2. Is there info somewhere(!) on AGM, camp venue & dates, social gatherings, other stuff over & above the Tuesday rehearsals?

    Just trying to get informed online so I can work out what I can commit to.


  3. Hmm… seems like your comment got caught in the spam box.

    To your question – we tend to email those things to our members, so if you’re a member, you’ll be getting this on your email.

    Otherwise, feel free to contact the committee to ask.

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