Concert Season Starts 26/07!! – Dates and Info

Have you missed singing with your friends since our wonderful concert?? We certainly have!! That’s why we’re super duper excited for our next season to start back up again on the 26th of July!! Our rehearsals are going to be at the same place as normal, the Main Chapel of the Religious Centre at 38 Exhibition Walk on Monash University Clayton Campus, and the same time as normal, 6:00-8:30 on Tuesday nights. But that’s not all…

We’re pleased to announce that the work we will be performing this semester is none other than Dvorak’s Stabat Mater!!! This is a piece of truly epic proportions, through which Dvorak uses the framework of the Stabat Mater text (which describes Mary’s grief of watching Jesus on the cross) to communicate his own personal grief over the loss of his children. It’s an incredibly exciting challenge for our choir to be taking on, and we would absolutely love to see as many of you as possible come join us on this evocative journey.

MonUCS is also excited to announce that we will be running a two night camp this semester, so save the date, Friday 9th – Sunday 11th September! Going to be amazing!! And finally, we are also planning on holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM) Tuesday 9th August, 5:30-6:30pm before rehearsal. The returning officer will be Eloise Leemann (, so feel free to email her to add anything to the agenda.

We’re so excited to be back singing with you all soon!