Welcome To Our New Committee!!

MonUCS had our annual general meeting on the 9th of August (after having enjoyed some delicious ‘democracy sausages’ at our free barbeque beforehand), and I’m sure all who attended would have said it was a speedy and efficient endeavour! As is the way at AGMs, the previous committee’s roles were dissolved, and so every position was empty and up for grabs. Huge congratulations to everyone on our new committee – whether you were reelected, elected to a new role, or you’re totally new to committee, we’re very excited to have you here! Our committee is now:

  • Tiara Pires still as our President
  • Jesse Fraser as our new Vice President, and maintaining their portfolio role of Resources Officer
  • Jess Bowen still as our Treasurer
  • Anna Tinney still as our Secretary
  • And our three General Representatives:
    • Chana Walsh, carrying on her Gen Rep role and her portfolio role of Concert Manager
    • Ada Keren Black, maintaining their portfolio role of IT Manager
    • Pippi Hartman, new to our committee (welcome!) and taking the porfolio role of Publicity Officer