Thanks For Coming on Camp!

A moment from our Revue - a guitarist plays and sings sitting on a chair in the right of the image, while towards the left rows of people sing along while waving phones with lit torches
At the other end of a big table with lots of snacks and drinkbottles on it, three members of our committee strike jovial poses and look towards the camera
A rehearsal in progress - mostly we see the backs of rows of choristers standing up, watching our conductor at the left of the room
Outside in early evening (setting sun, cloudy sky) a small sandy volleyball pitch sits within a larger grassy area, and some choristers stand on either side playing
Another busy moment of rehearsal - our perspective is from behind our pianist, and we see standing rows of choristers holding sheet music, a couple of whom look towards the camera and smile
Outside the campsite buildings on a hilly grassy area, a number of choristers are bent down with one hand in the air, engaged in yoga
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We were so pleased to run another successful camp this semester! Our rehearsals were a wonderful learning experience in becoming more confident with this semester’s repertoire, and a lot of fun on top of that! We also, of course, had a lot of good leisure time together. We played volleyball and board games (you would not believe the intensity of the Bananagrams matches!), relaxed together with books and light music, and stayed up until wee hours enjoying one another’s company. One could of course not forget to mention the traditional MonUCS Camp Revue! This featured haunting kazoo melodies, a rousing sea shanty and a mildly embarassing committee Wiggles performance, and was certainly a night to remember!

Looking forward to many more lovely camps in the future!